Hey! My comment didn’t show on the page!

All comments by new commentators have to be approved by me. After a few approved comments, they will start to show up automatically. IMPORTANT: The UI doesn’t say this, but you need to enter in an email address for the comment to be uploaded.

When does the comic update?

Every Monday. There’s also a RSS feed, or if you follow me on twitter, I announce new pages as well as give updates as to how the comic is coming along.

If you have an account at belfrycomics.net, you can add it to your subscriptions here.

Do I need to read a certain issue of any comics to understand this story?

Nope! You may want to check out the About(Why?!) page for some Snowflame information, but otherwise I’m trying to write the comic to be understandable if you’ve at least seen some DC movies or Animated Shows. I’ll do my best to provide other necessary information up front or in an ‘editor’s’ note in the blog. That said, reading New Guardians #2 does enrich the experience as I sometimes reference dialog or details from the comic.

Did you learn about Snowflame from the video by Linkara?

Yep! ^-^

Did events in New Guardians#2 happen in this continuity?

The events in New Guardians did occur, but there are some differences. First, of course, is that Snowflame doesn’t die in the chemical shed explosion, and that it all happened much closer to current day, and not in the 80s. This is mostly because I didn’t want to set the story in the 90s, which would be pretty cool, but kind of a hassle.

Will (insert character name here) appear in the web-comic?

I cannot say anything for now, for I am secrety that way, and partially because I’m always editing stories, and so sometimes the roster shifts back and forth. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

How realistically are drugs depicted in the series?

My goal is naturalism, not perfection. One reason is because this is a superhero fantasy, not a crime procedural show. I do research so that the drugs in the story reflect their real-world counterparts in a believable way, but I also fudge some things for the sake of drama. For example, Snowflame and others get high really, really quickly whereas snorting cocaine actually takes a few minutes to achieve the desired effect.

Am I allowed to write fanfiction of the comic?

Of course you don’t need my permission to write about Snowflame, since this itself is a fan-work. However, if you include things from my continuity, I would like credit and a link back to the site.

Is it wrong that I want to ship (Character A) and (Character B)?

I sure don’t mind! ^_^ However, let it be known, I am under no obligation to make those particular sparks fly. XD