Snowflame's appearance in New Guardians #2

Who art this man, Snowflame?

He is often referred to by the internet as “the lamest supervillian ever, or the awesomest!!” This is on account of how he gains his powers through inhaling massive doses of cocaine. These powers include: immunity to pain, getting beat up expands his ‘high’ making him stronger and faster, and he has command over those high on cocaine. He claims to be the living will of Cocaine, his chosen god. His first and only appearance was in DC Comic’s New Guardians #2, as a druglord the heroes (the titular New Guardians) intend to dispose of as a favor to the C.I.A. They succeed by knocking Snowflame into a chemical shed which explodes, supposedly killing him. Snowflame received some internet attention thanks to a review of New Guardians by Linkara on his blog, Atop the Fourth Wall.

So… Why this fan-comic?

Is it just me, or is there more to this character that would be fucking awesome to explore? I don’t really want to show my cards, so to speak, as to what I intend to write — but I will say that if you watch the Linkara review, you’ll notice Snowflame isn’t played as straight-up-heinous as say, a Captain Planet villian would be. He seems to have a sort of personal, if warped, sense of honor, and to some degree enjoys hanging around his cronies/entourage. Comics often feature introspective characters who feel alone because of their super-abilities, so it’s interesting (to me, at least) to see a character with such effed-up powers totally living it up and enjoying people.

Also sometimes I just get sick of stuff I want, like awesome Highlander sequels, always not existing. So I guess this is just me going postal over that.

With great power comes great responsibility. Here Snowflame demonstrates the responsibility of throwing awesome pool parties.

…And who are you again?

I’m Julie Sydor, I’ve done self-publishing, some minis, and previous webcomics. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design with Comic Art in 2007. My contact info is here.