Two posts ago I mentioned I was interviewed at MIX by Evan Pedersen of Fancy Pants Gangsters. All the interviews are here, nicely divided into categories so you can get a clear picture of the different types of artists who were there. I’m in part 7, “More Indie Than Indie.” The interview starts at about 6:00, and mention of Snowflame starts at about 7:30. Feast your ears on my dorky voice and Mr. Pedersen’s awe and disbelief at Snowflame’s existence! Find it here.

–other links mentioned–
Fancy Pants Gangster’s main site.
Song from the Raven Planet is here. (I have to fix the preview images.)
I know I linked it on the about(why?!) page, but again, the New Guardians #2 review mentioned is here.
My deviantart is here. Sorry, lots of ponies. 🙂