Here is what I’m thinking for how the comic will work, format, continuity etc. I’m not iron-clad on most of this and am still doing some research of my options, and am willing to listen to people’s opinions, too.

I’m sort of debating whether to stick to a certain day of the week schedule or not. I’d kind of prefer to have people know a page is up through twitter or RSS feeds. I’ve done the day a week on my first webcomic, and it really starts to feel like a grind. On podcasts, I’ve heard that it seems less like schedules matter now because of feeds and what not, so I’d like to try that. But feel free to yell at me if I’m wrong. (in text, not on skype:( wait no don’t do that either.)

Pages will be sized like traditional comic pages, but in black and white. Coloring isn’t an option for me right now since I’m writing and doing the art, but I may have a way to remedy this later.

It’s obviously just a separate fanon, but it will resemble the old DC more than the new 52. It takes place a few years after Snowflame’s original run-in with the New Guardians. And no, I’m afraid the story takes place in modern times, and not the 90s, as it perhaps would if it really happened a few years later, instead of like, 2.3 decades. Damn the 90s would be awesome though.