In the last panel, DC fans might notice a boxing glove arrow among the regular ones. I guess Green Arrow thought he should toss in a non-lethal shot so he can have plausible deniability. j/k;)

That’s the end of the first chapter! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the comic thus far. Chapter 2 will start Nov. 11th (or its nearest monday.) I’m taking a break until then, mostly to recharge. I’m feeling a bit burnt out workwise. I’m a little concerned its shown in these two pages.The expressions and panel comps aren’t as tight as I would like. I might talk more about the chapter in a future post, as I’m very tired and these pages are many hours late as it is^^;

Otherwise, thank you again for reading, and as always I appreciate your comments. Throughout the break I’ll be posting sketches on the usual day, and there will be more art at my personal art tumblr,

I know some of the above is repeated info, such is the way of my memory.

Have a great week!