I’ve been waiting to draw this page for a long time… SF doesn’t know about Speedy’s previous addiction or anything, he’s just being Snowflame. I’d be surprised if he was any good at keeping secrets anyway. (He did just blab about his plan last page…)

I may have made a mistake when discussing the timeline of the comic in the comments to at least one of you. Not everything that has happened in the old DC timeline for the Teen Titans books has happened here. One of those things is that Speedy does isn’t Red Arrow or Arsenal, and hasn’t lost his arm or his daughter Lian, nor is it likely he ever will on-panel or off in this comic.

I’m definitely of the opinion you should let characters be happy, if for no other reason than to give contrast when you do bring the angst. But also, because it makes the readers happy too, and that’s kind of the point of entertainment. I’ll confess though to having a time when I was having a very hard time and all the stories I wrote were pretty dark. One of the things that turned at least my writing around was that during a particularly shitty string of days, I saw some episodes of the anime series Ristorante Paradiso. I can’t even remember a whole lot about the story, but I was so grateful then to how the show made me feel good for just a little while, that it changed how I thought about writing ever since.

There’s only a little bit left of this chapter, but right now I’m thinking of taking a 6-week max hiatus from the comic sort of to recharge and to catch up on some other things. I’ll let you guys know in coming weeks. Either way, there will be updates of some sketches and art each week. Please don’t worry that this is the end of the comic, I am very excited for the next chapter, so I’ll just pretend you suggested no such thing;D

Have a great week!