Ah, a much denser page of dialogue reminds me of the SF comics of last year…

Editorial: Snowflame actually said the quoted line to Batman, but Raven heard about it in the interim before Arkham. Who could forget to mention that little nugget of wisdom?

Also, there is a fallacy in SF’s last statement, that will be addressed next week.

One of my favorite things about writing SnowFlame is that there are reasons for him to be, how shall I put this, overly chatty about his plans. That is, reasons other than the cliche villains arrogance. Coke reasons.

That and his vocabulary includes “paltry.” (in canon, even) I figure he wouldn’t be above a heartfelt “Bah.”

Anyway, sorry if last week’s page was a bit confusing, and I hope this one isn’t as much so. I didn’t think to smuggle in any recap into the dialogue.

Have a great week!

One more thing: here’s a quick color sketch of SF vs. Hemogoblin. (the latter is from New Guardians #1!)