Editorial: More cameos! The characters in the bottom panel are the New Guardians, whom SnowFlame fought in the one comic he appeared in. All you need to know is SnowFlame got knocked into a chemical shed which exploded. The android Joker is referring to is Ram, a Japanese cyborg. He’s the muscle man in the center.

Oh the New Guardians. I could go on for a while about them. I read about 5 issues of the original series as research for this comic, partially to see if there was any mention of SnowFlame in the letter pages. I would love to know what people back in ’88 thought of him, but I’ve never found any mention. Perhaps if he’d been a nineties character…

Anyway, the Guardians are a strange bunch. Besides all the other flaws with their whole breeding superhuman’s plans… they just on a second look, aren’t too bright. …and actually I do believe that was an intentional part of the writing. I think self-discovery was supposed to be a theme in the book, and so they are written to be a bit bumbling. They question themselves and their decisions quite a lot through the series, and the first issue draws a lot of attention to their inexperience with their powers, being on a team, sex, etc.

So, In Linkara’s review of New Guardians#1, you find out Ram hacked some banks or something to buy them a mansion in Los Angeles, and by issue 3

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That’s not it though. After said happening, despite Ram’s money-moving whatever, they
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