Y’know, sometimes I feel like I’ve been kind of a jerk writing Batman for this comic. Maybe that’s because when I was in middle school/high school I would have reoccuring dreams where him and/or Bruce Wayne would give me life advice. Usually, it was pretty basic stuff like “don’t follow the crowd,” but the very last was “Don’t live like I did, always for revenge.” In the dream, he had built a machine (like Mr. Freeze’s suit) so that when he died he’d become a semi-tangible ghost so he could fight crime even in the afterlife, and was now regretting the decision.

So… Is Batman like my spirit-animal? Anyway, even if it may not seem so in the comic, I’ve always thought he’s just an amazing character.

Like I mentioned in the tweets, things get a likely crazy for the rest of the chapter, but please trust me, I have a plan!

Have a great week!:D

Edit: I’ll have to redraw Batman’s mask in the last panel. Originally, it was going to pop off of his face in surprise, and now its not there at all.>.>