First, the episode of The Webcomic Beacon I was a guest on is up! Fes and I talk about some of my past webcomics, but more importantly, lots about Snowflame XD
It is here.

Also, major site announcement: the good news is that next month I’m going to start a regular schedule for the comic! That means a page for sure every week, at 12am Monday (gmt-5). This is much better than the current average of a page every 9 days.

There will also be 2 bonus pages scheduled sometime next month as well, so count on getting 6 pages in August!! It is the best way I can think of to say thank you for everyone’s patience and support:)

There are only two bits of wonk news that come with this:
-there won’t be a page next week, as I’m going to be busy moving.
-I dislike posting double updates where the pages stack, so I’ll probably just schedule different days for the bonus pages.