Hello again^^

First of all, this sunday the 15th, I’m going to be on the Webcomic Beacon podcast! It’s a live show with a chat room, and sometimes they take interview questions from it. I’m a long-time fan of this podcast, so this is really exciting for me. It’s 11am CST US-time, GMT-5:00, and I believe it will be hosted on Vokel. Otherwise, the recorded show is usually posted on Wednesdays.

Also, the episode of Atop the Fourth Wall I cameoed in is up! Go check it out if you haven’t already. The review this week is Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders.

Website notes:
– I still haven’t finished all the lettering and spelling corrections, whoops. Soon though…

-I’ve gotten a couple of questions regarding this, one from a reader whom I’m not sure is getting my replies, so I’ll say it here. I am okay with people writing fanfics using elements or continuity from this fan-series. All I ask is you mention in your intro that you are using my continuity and provide a link. It goes without saying that if you are doing your own thing with Snowflame, then there is no need to credit me.

Plus! Since I was talking pull-lists last week…
Current DC pull-list is Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Bat-Girl. I’m also looking at the Valiant titles, and curious about the StarTrek/Dr. Who crossover. And I’m always on the lookout for the newest Bakuman volume.