Hello again! First an ‘editorial’ note:

* Sorry if it seems like a cop-out that I didn’t pick out a particular department for SF’s alter ego to be from. Colombia has quite a bit of diversity and dinstinct dialects, so I suppose it shouldn’t be that hard for a langauge expert to figure out where Orosco to be from. I’m still doing some story-related research on that front… so that’s why its not too specific.

Let me know what you think of giving SF’s alter ego a name! I wasn’t sure if I should leave him nameless, worried that I couldn’t find a good name… but I think it’s not such a big deal, and doing so has really helped me visualize Fabian’s personality more clearly. Special thanks to @MarteaniArt and @NoelCT on Twitter for their help on making a final choice!

Also, tommorow I’ll be at SpringCon promoting the comic and selling some of my original works. I’ll post how it went, I hope people have lots of questions:D

Also, more tumblr extras soon!