Sorry about any duplicate pages in the RSS feed. ComicPress keeps posting multiple files.

Here is a double dose of pages! When writing Snowflame’s dialogue its very tempting to have some “stylistic” grammar flubs that show a bit more character or at least humor. I wanted to have him say of “highs past” instead of “past highs”, because the former sounds creepier and Dickensian. Then I remember the E.G. White grammar book and its rants on clarity, hang my head in shame and correct the darn line.

A big thank you to everyone reading! I’ve gotten lots of nice comments on dA and twitter, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Ok, a lot of the comments are more in awe of Snowflame’s majestic insanity, but still, I nod my head in happy agreement.

Coming site updates:

*I may replace some files for art tweeks.

*I might possibly begin a page that mentions the DC characters that appear in the strip with their creator info and links to home or wiki pages. It’s a fast way to give proper credit and let the curious know which DC characters appear in the comic, which may be useful down the road.

*A tumblr for art process screenshots, and some sketches, as well as art of other superheroes.